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The Swiss air traffic controllers' association Skycontrol is an association according to article 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. It is based in Geneva.

Skycontrol represents the majority of the air traffic controllers working at the Geneva Area Control Centre (ACC), as well as the ATCOs working at Lugano Tower, Berne Tower, Sion Tower and Grenchen Tower, as well as some air traffic controllers working at Emmen Tower. The number of active members is currently 187 members (situation early 2013)

The aim of the Association is to maintain and improve the professional, social and economic interests and ideals of air traffic controllers with regard to their employer (skyguide), the authorities responsible for air safety and other organizations involved in Civil Aviation, as well as the contact to the general public.

At national level Skycontrol is one of the social partners of skyguide - the other partners are Aerocontrol (at Zurich), APTC (Geneva Tower) as well as PVB/APC, as well as Syndicom and SSP representing the administrative skyguide staff not being Air Traffic Controllers staff. Open and frank discussions take place between the various associations in regards of all relevant issues in regards to the company.

Skycontrol is not only a trade union, and so forms part of the contract negotiations for the Collective Labor Contract (CLA) for its members, but it participates as well at the Committee that ensures social parity within the company. Skycontrol is as well a professional association that is participating actively at the Technical and Operations Committee, monitoring all the technical developments and so is making sure that all is carried out in a harmonious and safe manner. Skycontrol strives to ensure that the operations are carried out in a safe and safe and expeditious way and in full accordance of all relevant international and national laws and standards (e.g. ICAO, FOCA or Eurocontrol).

On an international level, Skycontrol is active in two domains:

On the professional side Skycontrol is a member of IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations). It has held active representations in both Standing Committees of the Federation, being it the TOC (Technical and Operational Committee), as well as the PLC (Professional and Legal Committee) of IFATCA for the last five years. The representation of Skycontrol within IFATCA is organized jointly with Aerocontrol and APTC, using the umbrella organization SwissATCA (the Swiss ATCA-Federation). This set-up makes it possible that also the members of these two associations can share the seats of these permanent committees within IFATCA with Skycontrol.